I’m Rob Ballentine

Architecting the Perfect Buy-in Every presentation is a story

When those choices in life take you to places only ever imagined and experiences you never even dreamed.


Rock Star

In 1995 I quit my corporate job and  joined the Musicians Institute in London.

I wanted to be a Rock StarI was lucky enough to be tutored by Michael Jackon’s Guitarist ‘Jennifer Baton’ (what a dream). After graduating, my Rock Star days took a different direction. I’d taught a group of fellow students the psychology behind music performance & confidence which helped them get their grades. Their advice – “go and teach that! Because you’re great at it”.  I taught that – ‘NLP’ and had the fortune of working with Dr. John Grinder on a project in Sydney Aus. with Prof. Alan Snyder some years later.’Weird how things don’t alwayswork out as you imagine.’

The Big Fail

I still remember how nervous I was, it was my first BIG presentation and it frightened the **** out of me!

I was an associate trainer at the time standing in front of 120 business professionals. Here was a chance to prove to myself that I could cut it.

I didn’t. It bombed. I bombed.

I felt awful. I left broken, disheartened and ashamed. I’d thought that what I’d already been taught about ‘how to present’ was ‘how to present’, it wasn’t.

And that’s when I knew I needed to make a change.

Proving Ground

“Everything is a Test.If it fails, it’s a test.and it succeeds, it’s still a test”

After starting my own business teaching personal transformational development, I was on the trail to find that elusive X – ‘what causes success in presenting?’How can I be sure that what I was presenting got Buy-in.From Fortune 500 companies, C+ executives, celebrities and international sports coaches through to people like you and I, I was teaching, coaching and consulting methods that would later be brought together to form PResult.These were new techniques and methods that I’d developed that made it quicker and easier to achieve transformational personal change and most importantly this change could be done without the need for a coach or having to going on course after course to get results.And then it all went horribly wrong.

Tragedy Strikes

Within a space of 6 weeks not only had I lost my dad, my mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor that had it not been found, she would have died in a matter of days.Something had to give.It was me.Imagine that, after spending 20 years doing and teaching personal development, it was as though I were an Olympic gold medal swimmer with a great white shark bearing down on me.Suddenly medals don’t mean very much.

Elusive X

I took myself away and spent time with with my family. I needed time to heal and find myself.I had an opportunity to work in a big corporate, I still needed to pay the bills. It was a struggle everyday going in, but if you’re gonna’ come out of it alive, bleating and whining at home was not going to cut it.I was given the task of re-designing their presentation skills programme. It was in this place I found that elusive X. And it was not what I expected to find, nor how and it helped me ‘become me’.The programme became a hit and was their highest attended training programme.I’d used the same structures and principles that helped with a $6.5M hostage situation where presenting was required to bring it home and then build this programme into a best seller.The personal change I’d developed over the years and what I’d found for myself together with the thousands of people I’ve helped and business to become more successful are about – how to take an idea and get others to take action.Because presenting is only about how to get ‘Buy-in’

And Today…

I develop products, coach and consult for people and business to have better sustainable choices for self-change and communication.

What we can learn from how we re-create the world using other forms of media are an inquiry into the way our minds work.

We present because we have a need to get our ‘ideas’ out there. In the same way we have a need to express ourselves through forms of art.

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