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Present - Get Results

Learn how you can create effortless, concise, and impactful presentations
in minutes, not hours or days - that get Buy-in

Four Disciplines of The Great Presenter

  • Audience Mindset

    Your Audience are at Centre Stage – We show you how to bring them into focus and win them over.

  • The Intent

    Intention defines the meaning of your presentation and in turn whether your audience will Buy-in.

  • The Structure

    No Great Film ever won an Oscar without a Great Script – And so too with a presentation. The PResult Structure is psychologically engineered to get Buy-in.

  • Abandonment

    The ability to be present in the moment. Where fear, anxiety and ego don’t exist. This is the state of The Presenter. It is something you give into – not to have.

I've taught thousands of students how to get results that matter (in many different niches). To focus on where they want to be and how to get there. And they've created better lives and business as a consequence of taking that action.



I'm Rob Ballentine, the creator of PResult... A system that gets ideas to action through presentations, that has helped generate massive returns for individuals and business alike from Homely presentations to local sports & social clubs, small business & multi-billion dollar global corporations. 

I've worked and coached all kinds of people from C+ execs to directors, managers, thought leaders and experts - but mostly regular people like you and I that really want a way of getting our ideas bought into and acted upon.

But it wasn't always like this...

My Story

How do you want to Start?

PResult is delivered online through our Learning Portal giving 24/7/365 access to  everything at the touch of a button - including updates, added and bonus content, interaction with others just like you as well as Live Webcast learning.

ONE2ONE coaching is if you have a critical project that requires the highest calibre of input. While...

IN-HOUSE programmes that teach you the presentation secrets to getting buy-in and winning over your audience.

FREE CONTENT & products - Blogs, webcasts, downloadable content (books & reports) and purchasable products to help you create your presentation masterpiece.

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  • Online Learning

  • One 2 One

  • In-house

  • Free Content + Products

It has already led us to winning several new significant accounts. One worth £35,000

Andrew Boyle
Sales Manager - Hotelzon

Discover The Secrets to Confidence, Memorable Presentations and How to Win Over Your Audience

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HOW you get Buy-In

Not How You Present

That's what you should be doing!

How you present is for people who evidence their success by how good they feel.

Presentation success is evidenced by passing each Buy-in stage.

And this is the exact strategy I used to build and launch the Buy-In Presentation programme for Virgin Media.

They struggled to get bums on seats. I was tasked with turning it around.

- See Graphic PResultX - (used for large scale buy-in)


Launched over 2 days the courses were booked solid for 8 months straight.

With over 400 people going through the program learning how to get buy-in - and today, advanced programmes in digital and classroom format for up to 5000 people.

It has also been used by senior execs across Europe and their parent company Liberty Global the biggest cable operator in the world, and the owner of the group that owns F1 Racing.

If you need to get Buy-in for large scale events, Contact Us now.

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